Dec. 2017, ABACHEM acquired 51% shares of Anyang Aierwang New Energy Environmental Co., Ltd. (AAE). AAE is specialized in the treatment of solid organic waste, including municipal sludge, food waste, livestock excrement and urban organic waste. Based on this acquisition, ABACHEM will continue to expand the business in the environmental protection field.
Apr. 2016, ABACHEM step into the area of Environmental protection.
In July 2015, the company acquired the approval documents of the private placement (small&quick) on GEM from Chinese Commission
Jan. 2014, the acquisition of Jiangsu Jiannong was finished, and the capital was raised.
Dec. 2015, The production line of BPP was started into steam in Nantong site. This line has a capacity of 1000MT per year, and it complies the standard of “Industry 4.0”. Only with much fewer numbers of operators than ordinary workshop, the line could work well. This line is also one of the best intelligent production lines in China.
Oct. 2013, ABACHEM set a subsidiary company in Brazil, and started our globalization strategy.
Jan. 2012, ABACHEM acquired Nantong Zhaoxia Chemicals Limited, and re-named it as “ABA Chemicals (Nantong) Limited”. This site was built under high standard, high which lead it to be the “flag ship” manufacturing site of ABACHEM,
Jun. 2012, ABACHEM invested “Jiangsu Jiannong ABA Agrochemical Co.,Ltd”, and takes 75% share. The new site for producing agrochemical intermediates and agrochemical ingredients was started, which helps us to develop the downstream market of the agrochemical business and enlarge the market share
Sep. 2012, ABACHEM bought and decorated a new R&D building in Zhangjiang Pharma Valle and named it ABA Innovation Center.
Sep. 2012, The public listed company, “ABA Chemicals (Suzhou) Corporation”, was renamed to “ABA Chemicals Corporation”
Jan. 2011, To satisfy the growing numbers of R&D projects, the R&D center was transferred to Zhangjiang High-tech Park. The number of R&D members and the R&D investment were growing rapidly.
On 6th Sep. 2011, ABACHEM became a public listed company in Shenzhen stock market and got into the capital market successfully.
Jan. 2016, renamed to ABA Chemicals (Suzhou) Corporation, finished the reform of joint-stock system
Jan. 2006, ABA Chemicals (Suzhou) Limited was founded and the construction of Taicang site was started into steam.
2004 one of our R&D project was awarded the prize for “High-Tech Research Findings into Practical Applications” in Shanghai.
ABA Chemicals (Shanghai)Limited and R&D center was founded